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Survey assessing the Member States

Survey assessing the Member States’ rules on health data in the light of GDPR

The European Commission has initiated a study that aims to examine in which manners the processing of personal health date is governed across the EU and how this might affect the cross-border exchange of health data in the EU.
The present survey is targeted at experts and organisations representing the wide range of stakeholders, including patients, care providers and researchers. Objective of the survey is to identify gaps and needs concerning the use of health data within the EU, the manner in which citizens have control over their health data and to explore strategies and governance structures for the use and re-use of health data.

The survey, among others, seeks your opinion in what areas EU level action might be needed in order to govern the processing of health data across the EU. It also contains a series of statements on data sharing for different types of use, as described below: 

  • Data processing for the purposes of provision of health and social care by health and care providers to the patient concerned. This includes both in-person care and telecare using eHealth or mHealth tools.
  • Data processing for wider public health purposes including planning, management, administration and improvement of health and care systems; prevention or control of communicable diseases; protection against serious threats to health and ensuring high standards of quality and safety of healthcare and of medical products and medical devices.
  • Data processing for scientific or historical research by both public and private sector organisations (third parties, not being the original data controller), including the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries and insurance providers.

Results of the study will be used in a report to be submitted to the European Commission in the summer of 2020.