Constituent Committees

IRDiRC has three Constituent Committees:

  • Funders Constituent Committee (FCC)
  • Companies Constituent Committee (CCC)
  • Patient Advocates Constituent Committee (PACC)

Each Constituent Committee is composed of IRDiRC members who are identified as part of that constituency (e.g., industry-based IRDiRC members participate in the Companies Constituent Committee). The Constituent Committees act as coordinating bodies of each respective constituent space, inform the Consortium Assembly of scientific and programmatic needs following identification of common roadblocks, gaps and priorities, and execute activities specific to their constituency space that will bring IRDiRC closer to its goals. The Chair and the Vice Chair of each Constituent Committee are elected for a period of 3 years that can be renewed once.

The IRDiRC Funders Constituent Committee (FCC) brings together representatives from the public research funding members of IRDiRC, which include national and international governmental and non-profit funding bodies.


The IRDiRC Companies Constituent Committee (CCC) brings together representatives from the for-profit pharmaceutical and biotech members of IRDiRC.


The IRDiRC Patient Advocacy Constituent Committee (PACC) is comprised of the leadership from umbrella patient advocacy organizations that represent a large region or country and have a focus on rare disease research.