Rare Conversations – Rare Disease Policies: Pioneering the way towards a resilient ecosystem

IRDiRC is glad to partner with Alexion’s annual Rare Conversations conference, “Rare Disease Policies: Pioneering the way towards a resilient ecosystem”, that we will partner.

The event will reflect on several aspects that may be included in the new legislative framework, trying to answer the question: How to create a resilient rare disease ecosystem for the next decade?

During the opening session, the European Expert Group on Orphan Drug Incentives will present its work and proposals on how to build a sustainable rare disease ecosystem, in connection to the revision of the OMP Regulation. Then, the panels will focus on specific aspects to analyse, by listening to the voices of experts in the field. A breakout session will be dedicated to partnerships for the future, and how a partnership approach can address key outstanding challenges. The conference will conclude with a discussion on the possible policies to adopt to favour innovation and set access, with a particular attention to the regulatory approach to reach these goals.

Block your calendar on 13 October, from h14.00 to h18.00 CET, and join also the following networking reception.

Registration, programme, and more information here.