New IRDiRC Publication

A new IRDiRC publication is out!
The Boosting delivery of rare disease therapies: the IRDiRC Orphan Drug Development Guidebook has been just published by Nature Reviews – Drug Discovery. The paper has been authored by the IRDiRC Task Force “Orphan Drug Development Guidebook (ODDG)”.
This IRDiRC Guidebook is aimed at facilitating drug development for rare diseases by organizing available tools into a standardized framework.
Resources, tools, and info around drug development for rare diseases have been fragmented so far, slowing down the work all the different stakeholders involved and also that one carried out by the new generation that includes charities and patient organizations. To address this issue, IRDiRC’s Therapies Scientific Committee launched the ODDG Task Force to build a framework for optimal use of existing tools available in the USA, Europe and Japan, referred to as the ‘building blocks’ of development. 

Congrats to all the authors for this amazing achievement!