IRDiRC in the NEWS: Dr. Lucia Monaco’s interview with VITA

New article on IRDiRC has just been released today: “Malattie rare: «e ora non dimentichiamo la ricerca di base»”! It is an interview, IRDiRC chair, Dr. Lucia Monaco, IRDiRC chair, had with the Italian magazine VITA.
Dr. Monaco pointed out the importance of creating solid networks across different stakeholders and their active involvement in research, in particular the roles of patient organizations and policy makers. In addition, Dr. Monaco mentioned the achievements reached by IRDiRC since 2011, when the consortium has been created, its goals, and the Matchmaker Exchange platform that facilitate matching unsolved cases with similar phenotypic and genotypic profiles (matchmaking) through standardized application programming interfaces (APIs) and procedural convention. Dr. Monaco ends the interview remarking the cruciality of supporting basic research as a vital step to move forward entirely science.
The article is in Italian.