IRDiRC Funders Committee: New Leadership

IRDiRC is delighted to announce the new leadership on the Funders Constituent Committee (FCC), Dr Adam Hartman, NIH, as Chair and Dr Catherine Nguyen, INSERM, as Vice-Chair. 
Dr Hartman and Dr Nguyen will be in charge for the next three years. The Committee mission is to facilitate high-level coordination of funding initiatives to maximize the impact of rare diseases research projects by aligning strategies, avoiding unnecessary duplication, and identifying research funding gaps. 
The FCC is currently developing a platform to coordinate and prioritize research funding efforts and identify mechanisms to enable international funding collaborations.
In addition, the FCC will launch soon the Chrysalis Project in order to identify key criteria that would make rare diseases research more attractive to industry for research and development. The “Call for Candidates” is still open, deadline is 30 April 2020