IRDiRC at the ECRD

IRDiRC has been actively involved in the ECRD online conference that will take place this week: May 14 – 15, 2020.
In particular, IRDiRC members joined several events planned during this 2-days event. On Thursday 14th, Dr. Durhane Wong‐Rieger was one of the speakers of the “Getting our rights ‘right’: An international framework for rare diseases” recorded session together with Yann Le Cam, Anders Olauson, Raquel Peck, and Todd Howland that is part of Theme 2 “Our values, our rights, our future: Shifting paradigms towards inclusion”. On the same day, Dr Diego Arrigó and Dr Virginie Hivert chaired the Theme 4 Session “When therapies meet the needs: Enabling a patient-centric approach to therapeutic development” with the launch of the recorded “Galaxy Guide for Rare Disease therapies development”.
In addition, during the Plenary Session, scheduled on Friday 15th, Dr Gareth Baynam gave a keynote speech on ‘Life languages and red flags in the red sand’.