Global Genes – Xcelerate RARE Open Science Data Challenge

Global Genes is excited to share the news that the Xcelerate RARE Open Science Data Challenge has officially opened!

The Xcelerate RARE: A Rare Disease Open Science Data Challenge is bringing together researchers and data scientists in a collaborative and competitive environment to make the best use of patient-provided data to solve big unknowns in healthcare.

The Open Science Data Challenge was launched on May 31st, and will focus on rare paediatric neurodevelopmental diseases.

We anticipate some of the outcomes of Xcelerate RARE might be:

  • Shortening the diagnostic odyssey with predicted diagnosis 
  • Identifying previously unrecognized symptoms associated with some of these rare diseases
  • Generating useful insights for advancing therapeutic research

Thousands of researchers worldwide (clinician-researchers, basic science researchers, and data scientists) will have the opportunity to study the data.

More information available: here.