Chan Zuckerberg Initiative hosts Networking Expo for Patient-Partnered Collaborations (PPC) for Rare Disease

Earlier this year, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) launched two Requests for Applications (RFA) for grant opportunities that will fund collaborative teams bringing together patient-led rare disease organizations and research teams for 4-year research projects aimed at advancing our understanding of the fundamental science of rare diseases.

The Networking Expo is a two-day ideation and matchmaking workshop specifically designed as an opportunity for researchers and patient-advocates/organizations who are looking to develop a new collaboration to connect around potential projects for the Patient-Partnered Collaborations (PPC) for Rare Neurodegenerative Disease RFA.

The virtual event will take place over two days on April 20th – 21st.

Space is limited for these sessions and participants will be selected through a brief application process. Registration for the Networking Expo is open until April 8th.

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