C-Path: Rare Disease Clinical Outcome Assessment Resource

The Rare Disease Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA) is an initiative of the Critical Path Institute‘s Consortium with the same name, a public-private partnership that is focused on optimizing COA selection during the drug development for rare diseases. The COAs included in the the Rare Disease COA Resource represent a series of tools that are most commonly used in rare disease research or tools published in the literature, that were available to examine against evidentiary criteria.

What the Resource can do

By identifying multiple existing COAs per domain, the considerable time and cost associated with identification of relevant COAs is reduced and made available to all. Evidence from extensive gap analysis on each COA included in this resource can be viewed for each tool individually or in comparison across several tools in a domain to aid with appropriate COA selection for an invidual research program. The Rare Disease COA Resource can also inform patient advocacy groups of COAs available to measure outcomes of interest in patient registries and natural history studies.

Check out additional details at: https://rdcoas.c-path.org/