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  • Development of Targeted Frameshifting Technologies
  • Evaluating the Outcome of a Novel Strategy to Stimulate mTORC1 Activity in Two MouseModels of CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder
  • Generation of CDKL5 deficiency disorder patient-derived iPSC lines
  • High Content Screen to identify drug targets for the neuronal manifestations of CDKL5 deficiency
  • Quantitative SRM assays for optimization of CDKL5 protein replacement therapy
  • Single-cell Transcriptional Profiling of Mosaic CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder Brain Tissue
  • Systems Level Analysis of CDKLS Astrocytes to Identify Novel Markers and Pathways in CDKLS Deficiency Disorder (COD)
  • Testing functional and structural connectivity in CDKL5 disorder as novel biomarkers


  • CDKL5 Syndrome cortical organoids for drug testing and reversibility potential (website)
  • Development of biomarkers for CDKL5 activity (website)
  • Identification of CDKL5 direct substrates based on kinase assay linked phosphoproteomics (website)
  • Innovative Strategy to Enhance the Efficiency of Gene Therapy for CDKL5 Disorder (website)
  • Mechanisms and treatment of paradoxical hyperexcitability in CDKL5 Deficiency Syndrome (website)
  • Novel CDKL5 complex partners and kinase substrate candidates (website)
  • Rescuing CDKL5 mice phenotype by targeting developmental critical period mechanisms (website)
  • Therapeutic drug discovery for CDKL5 deficiency using random shRNA selection (website)
  • Therapeutic potential of pregnenolone and its synthetic non-metabolized derivative for CDKL5 disorder (website)
  • Understanding CDKL5 Expression Pattern by RNAScope in Developing Mouse and Human Glia (website)